The strength of the U.S. economy has made it a desirable place for workers from abroad. However, navigating the beaurocracy to get work permits or visas can be bewildering.

Even U.S. citizens are faced with complex red tape and confusing rules if they want to work at certain kinds of jobs (such as food preparation, barbering, etc.) or if they want to work before they are eighteen years old.

Whatever your situation, if you need city, state, county, or federal permission to work at your job, you’ll find supportive information here.

WorkerPermit.us includes many free guides to get you started.  For example, you could find information to help your teenager get a Youth Work Permit for your state. Or you could handle your U.S. immigration on your own.

We also post news items about developing issues in government regulation of work. In addition, our advertisers can provide expert professional help. We hope this site is helpful.